The stalwart metalhead that never rests.
Bass player & Backing Vocals.

SEAN Favourite Bands and artists:
Aggressor, Asphyx, Baltak, Bathory, Black Sabbath, Blood Red Throne, Cancer, Celtic Frost, Alice Cooper, Coroner, Darkthrone, Death, Deicide, Destruction, Eternal Solstice, Entombed, Exodus, Hellhammer, Kreator, Mayhem, Messiah, Morbid Angel, Morbid, Necrodeath, Pentacle, Pentagram (Chile), Pestilence, Possessed, Protector, Slaughter (Canada), Slayer, Sodom, Thanatos, Vital Remains, Steve Asheim, Nicke Anderson, Clive Burr, Fenriz, Marco Foddis, Tom Hunting, Hellhammer, Dave Lombardo, Alex Marquez, Ian Paice, Keith Moon, Pete Sandoval, Mike Smith, Neil Smith, Ventor, Bill Ward, Chris Witchunter, Tom Araya, Geezer Butler, Terry Butler, Greg Christian, Dennis Dunnaway, Wannes Gubbels, Steve Harris, Ron Royce, Billy Sheehan, Alex Webster, Andrew Weiss, Tom Angelripper, Jeff Beccera, Glenn Benton, Nocturno Culto, Dead, Paul Dianno, Martin Van Drunen, Wannes Gubbels, Mr Hustler, Mille Petrozza, Rok, Jorgen Sandstrom, Chuck Schuldiner, David Vincent, Tom Warrior, Dead, Gorgoroth, Wannes Gubbels, King Diamond, Jim Morrison, Martin Walkyer, Frank Zappa, Tony Iommi, Trey Azogthoth, Tommy T. Baron, Frank Blackfire, Richie Blackmore, Alex Hardy, Jeff Hanneman, Hoffman Brothers, Kerry King, Larry Lalonde, Patrick Mameli, Dave Mustaine, Chuck Schuldiner, Alex Skolnick, Bill Steer, Alex Colin-Toquaine, Tchort, Steve Vai.

Guitars: Gibson, Fender, Yamaha & Musicman basses. Loves and proudly uses Seymour Duncan Bass Lines pick ups

AMPS: Eden 400W Traveler amplifiers, Trace Elliot & Fender cabinets.

"Political correctness is nothing but a shield for the weak to hide behind, let all who are strong prosper, let the weak DIE"

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