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Sonic Description Disclosure of Dark Order

We are predominantly and proudly THRASH METAL. (thrash metal sound of the 'Bay Area' - Exodus & Violence etc., L.A. - Slayer & Dark Angel & New York - Anthrax & S.O.D.) We also have traces of death metal, power metal, black metal, progressive metal and traditional heavy metal. Andean Music & film score music is also large influence. A lethal combination that defines the Dark Order sound.


In the past Australia was known for many famous bands over the years, like that of AC/DC, INXS, Rose Tattoo, but, it still remains "The Undiscovered Country" of true and real Heavy Metal. Isolation has meant that ONLY strongest bands survive and evolve, whilst many others die a quick death, almost as if they had never existed. This unique condition has helped to produce Australia's long running indomitable modern Thrash Metal band, DARK ORDER.

Since its formation in December 1992 by founding member Raul Ignacio Alvarez Garcia (originally under the name VANADIUM from 1993-1995), the band has stood the test of time for over 27 years to evolve a sound unique to itself, unlike any other band that exists in Australia. They are veterans of the Australian metal scene.

Predominately Thrash Metal, DARK ORDER has also blended touches of Death Metal, Traditional Heavy Metal, Power Metal, and, South American Andean music, over the last 29 years, guitarist and vocalist Raul Ignacio Alvarez Garcia has forged a sound, that in Australia, is second to none.

This unique sound was first unleashed in a primordial state with two demo's; 1994's 'Warrior God-King' & 1995's 'War of Attrition' (name change from Vanadium to Dark Order occurred here also...). The later demo was reviewed by the then Sony A&R rep Clayton Doherty, who titled DARK ORDER's style as 'Jungle Metal' ('REBEL RAZOR' issue 12). He was the one who made it apparent about the South American sound influence, as Raul was not aware that he was doing so. This 'Latino sound' is quite natural to him, since he is of Chilean decent!

By 1996-7, DARK ORDER recorded their 1st album, titled '5000 YEARS OF VIOLENCE', which was released locally in 1998, and demonstrated that the 'DARK ORDER sound' had evolved an indomitable foundation. Worldwide reviews averaged 3.75/5 for this album, and was only a taste of things to come.

During May 2001, recording for the second album commenced. This next testament to this unique sonic evolution was released in November 2002, titled "THE VIOLENCE CONTINUUM". It was originally released in Australia through Something for now/MGM distribution, and, in the U.S.A./CANADA region, through METAL-RULES.COM distribution exclusively. Worldwide reviews averaged 4/5 testifying the bands evolving sonic evolution quality.

In 2002 the band gained a support slots with Germanys legendary Thrash Metal band - DESTRUCTION, and on the same night of that support show, 'The Violence Continuum' was released.

In February of 2004, Dark Order joined forces with Australia's leading export label, BATTLEGOD PRODUCTIONS. This label, who distributes worldwide through TWIGHLIGHT-VERTRIEB - Germany, took DARK ORDER's music and name throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

On 20th October 2006, a special edition of 'THE VIOLENCE CONTINUUM' was released. This duel-sided disc CD/DVD contains a fully remixed version of that album, and, a full DVD titled 'REALM OF THE VIOLENCE CONTINUUM'. The DVD contains two video clips 'Slaves of A nameless God' & 'The Terran Empire', plus special features.

On August 20th 2010, DARK ORDER released their NEW third Album titled 'COLD WAR OF THE CONDOR' worldwide though BattleGod/Twilight.
'COLD WAR OF THE CONDOR' is a Thrash Metal concept album about the true story of the PINOCHET REGIME, from 11TH SEPTEMBER 1973 to AUGUST 1989. This story of brutality forged in the fire of human blood, it is an ultimate testament to those of the dead, who will have new voice, and be the unforgotten... Brutal Thrash Metal with a real story of brutality delivered by DARK ORDER in which no other Australian Thrash Metal band can match. 'COLD WAR OF THE CONDOR' has earned DARK ORDER the title of "DARK MILITANT THRASH METAL" by the D.O.A. Magazine from the U.S.A. with many reviewers comparing DARK ORDER to classic bands like Sacred Reich, in particular their 'Ignorance' album.

The band is currently RECORDING songs for their follow up album for defenite release in 2025, and a special edition of '5000 Years of Violence' digi-pack with bonus DVD of the making of the 'Cold War Of The Condor' album and video clips and early demo tracks is due to be released.

Basking in their solid foundation, DARK ORDER stand alone, indomitable from trends, evolving their metal sound. For all the band has been through, it would be almost impossible to stop Dark Order. The band that has been toughened with test of time. This is an irrefutable fact. They are the raptors of Thrash Metal.

Once more unto to the breach, dear dear friends...

Releases to date:

2010 - COLD WAR OF THE CONDOR released worldwide on 20th August. This third album that will stand the test of time. Forged in the fire of human blood, it will form an ultimate testament to those of the dead, who will have new voice, and be the unforgotten...

Releases on compilations:
2001 - METAL FOR THE BRAIN 2001 (Australia) - 'The Terran Empire'
2003 - KERRANG (Australia) - NOISE ANNOYS Vol II - 'Slaves of a nameless god'
2003 - 2RRR UNEARTHED II (Australia) - 'Slaves of a nameless god'
2004 - METAL-RULES.COM VOL I (Canada/U.S.A) - 'The Terran Empire'
2005 - THE IRON FORCE Metal Vol II by Risestar Music (CHILE) - 'The Terran Empire' - remix
2006 - TWIGHLIGHT-VERTRIEB (GERMANY) (Distributor worldwide for BattleGod Productions) - 'Built of blood, not stone'
2007 - TERRORIZER MAGAZINE January edition compilation "FEAR CANDY 36" (ENGLAND) - 'The Terran Empire'
2007 - LEGACY MAGAZINE (GERMANY) Dec-Jan edition 2007 Legion of the damned issue - 'The Terran Empire'
2010 - TERRORIZER MAGAZINE - 'Dissension of the Raptor'
2010 - TWIGHLIGHT-VERTRIEB (GERMANY) (Distributor worldwide for BattleGod Productions) - 'Dissension of the Raptor'

Dark Order former members and still brothers:

Marco Augusto Alvarez Garcia:
Drums -

Diego Cavieres:
Lead/Rhythm Guitars -

Ryan Gilespie:
Lead/Rhythm Guitars -